Alternative Cancer Treatment

The George Protocol is a unique, highly successful alternative cancer treatment, and is one of the keys to our unique approach to treating patients with cancer. We have successfully used Dr. George’s methods as the basis for cancer treatment.

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Homeopathic Immune Modulator

We prepare a powerful homeopathic immune modulator specific to your cancer. We have found this specific homeopathic remedy to be an effective addition to our armamentarium for treating cancer. Recent in vitro evidence from M.D. Anderson supports the use of cancer fighting homeopathic remedies.

Origins Of The George Protocol

The George Protocol had its beginnings in the early 1980s when Dr. Frank George was completing his internship at the Riverside Osteopathic Hospital in Michigan. He saw that a combination of glucose, insulin, and potassium – called GIK solution – was used to treat patients who had suffered from heart attacks. It was a safe, simple, inexpensive way to significantly reduce mortality. The GIK solution stabilized the cell membrane which improved cardiac function.

Insulin is familiar to most people because of its role in diabetes – insulin is the body’s hormone that regulates blood sugar levels. Insulin also has important non-diabetic functions you don’t hear as much about. At the top of the list, insulin increases “cellular permeability,” meaning that things go in and out of the cells much easier. Your body has 50 to 75 trillion cells, so when nutrients can get in easily and toxics (metabolic waste) can get out, the cells simply work better. Healing comes faster, toxic reactions decrease, circulation and blood pressure improve, and a person is less prone to infections.

One of the reasons so many people complain of fatigue today is because their cells are malnourished. Needed nutrients like iodine have a hard time getting in. Each cell contains an energy factory, and it needs vitamins, minerals and thyroid to run at top speed.

In the 1990s, Dr. George had a general, integrative practice treating hypertension, autism, heart disease, pediatrics, and cancer. He began searching for the safest, most effective methods to knock out cancer. He looked into vitamin C, oral supplements, detoxification, coffee enemas, castor oil packs – and insulin. He traveled to other countries to study the use of Insulin Potentiation Therapy, IPT, a form of low-dose chemotherapy that uses insulin to target cancer cells. He saw one patient who received insulin and just 6 mg of the chemo drug Cisplatin instead of the normal amount of perhaps 90 mg. After two treatments, the man was pushing his own wheelchair and was off all prescription medications. Insulin made the difference in his case and many others. Dr. George’s studies of IPT intensified.

Development Of A New Approach

Two years and 120 patients later, Dr. George was certified as an IPT instructor. He was the fourth doctor in the world – and the first Osteopathic Physician – to receive that certification. In 2001, Phoenix, Arizona was the site of the first international symposium on insulin potentiation therapy. Dr. George lectured on insulin’s ability to increase cellular permeability which, in turn, enhances the effectiveness of many different treatments.

Teaching, learning, and traveling have been life-long habits for Dr. George. He traveled several times to Japan to study with Dr. Tsuneo Kobayashi who had great success with hyperthermia for cancer. Dr. Kobayashi also developed cutting-edge techniques for tumor markers; he found how to detect cancer at its earliest stages. In Germany, Dr. George studied immuno-oncology with Dr. Rigdon Lentz; he found how to clean the blood of decoys which cancer cells use to hide from the immune system.

What set Dr. George apart was his big-picture approach and years of study and practice. He realized that IPT is just a part of the solution, not all of it. Combining non-chemo agents is key. Nutrition is key. So are immune system support, detoxification and other complementary therapies.

Why is it so important to detox and support the immune system while undergoing cancer treatment? “The road of hard knocks shows me that it is,” said Dr. George. “The immune system keeps cancer in check. If you have cancer, something was not working in the detoxification process and in the immune system. We also have to be flexible, make changes sometimes to get better responses. My training with aircraft accident investigations taught me long ago that flexibility is key.”

The George Protocol incorporates a belief in the holistic nature of the human body and a deep respect for the body’s ability to heal itself when given proper tools. Cancer is not something to be fought just with massive doses of chemotherapy and radiation that leave the immune system in tatters. The George Protocol treats cancer in a unique fashion while simultaneously strenghening the immune system.

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DO, MD(H), Medical Director Emeritus

Frank George

He was the first osteopathic physician in the United States trained in Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT). He was also an accomplished chelating physician with the use of EDTA, DMPS, and DMSA for heavy metal toxicity and cardiovascular disorders. Dr. George’s legacy and protocols continue to live and thrive in our clinic.

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