Victoria Bowmann


Victoria Bowmann, PhD has been a driving force in holistic health for almost four decades. She earned her PhD (1999) from Westbrook University in Homeopathy and Natural Medicine. Her work has principally been in probiotic research and the benefits of detoxification for well being. She is a certified colon therapist and licensed massage therapist in the state of Arizona. She is presently the chairman of the State Board of Massage Therapy.

Bowmann has been a regular contributor to several national publications including: Explore! for the Professional, Naturopathic News and Review, and Public Health Alert. She presented at the Utah Footzone Conference (2016), Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine in Long Beach CA (2013), 40th Annual Cancer Control Society (2012), Lyme-Autism Connection Conference (2009). As an international educator, she has presented seminars, lecture, workshops, and trained practitioners in Europe and the US since 1996.

Her first book You Gotta Have GUTS: The Natural Way to Enhance GI Health was published in 2009. The anthology The Power of Giving and The Magic of Thinking GIN also has a chapter from Victoria (may request free ebook).

Her goal is to help EuroMed patients in their quest for greater health and to help other practitioners help their patients through the discoveries and information she has brought to the health field.